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 Shell Gift Card

The Shell Gift Card is a new, easier way to buy gasoline. It gives you the convenience
of cash along with the pay-at-the-pump speed of a credit card.

With the Shell Gift Card, you don't have to worry about having cash on hand or paying another
credit card bill at the end of the month.

Gift Cards let you budget your gasoline purchases in advance. They're on call in emergencies
when both your tank and wallet are empty.

So what is it? The Shell Gift Card is exactly what its name says and more. It's a disposable
Card in convenient amounts. You can use it to buy gasoline, auto supplies, groceries, a car wash,
and other items at participating Shell stations across the U.S.

Each Card is electronically programmed with a set amount. Your purchases are automatically
deducted until your balance is zero. When the Card is used up, you just throw it away.

How do I use it? You can use your Shell Gift Card just like using cash or a credit card at
participating Shell stations.

At the pump, simply run the Card through the card reader. Your balance will be indicated.
Then pump your gas. A receipt will be printed showing the purchase amount and the balance
remaining on your Card.

Inside the station, just hand your Card to the cashier. Again,you'll get a receipt indicating your
purchase and current balance.

How do I know when my Card is used up? If you're paying at the pump, the pump will shut
off automatically when your funds have been used up. Inside the station, the cashier will let you
know. If your purchase amount is more than what's left on your Card, you can pay the difference
with another gift card, cash or a credit card. When the Card is used up, just throw it away. It has
no remaining value.

How can I get Shell Gift Cards? Cards are available in convenient amounts at participating
Shell stations. You can pay for the Shell Gift Cards with cash, debit card, the Shell Mastercard
or any other credit card accepted at Shell.  Or, you can click on the button below to purchase
Shell gift cards directly.  For any other questions, please call 1-800-793-6146.

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